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Health Benefits of Broccoli Juice

Broccoli is a member of cabbage family. Eating raw broccoli is always good , and Drinking broccoli juice is another way to take advantage of the health benefits of this nutrient-packed food. This vegetable is packed with nutrients, phytonutrients and anti-oxidants. It is also highly valued for its abundance of anti-viral, anti-ulcer and anti-cancer activities.

Because the taste of pure broccoli juice can be strong, try blending it with sweeter juices such as apple, orange or carrot to make it more palatable. Combining it with other green juices -collard greens or spinach, for example -- also works well. Juicing broccoli not only helps boost your cruciferous vegetable intake, but it helps you reach your recommended daily intake of a few vitamins and minerals.

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Health Benefits of Broccoli Juice


1.Removes toxins from the body
Drinking a glass of broccoli juice can actually help in reducing toxins from the body. Several researches in the world have concluded that broccoli has chemicals that can help in eliminating toxins of all kinds from our bodies.
2.Great for Diabetes
cup of raw broccoli juice contains 10-12gms of fibers. Fibers absorb excess fat and eliminate it from the body through excretion. Broccoli has chemical properties that actually stop the blood vessels from getting damaged due to diabetes. It maintains Blood Sugar Level for Diabetic patients.
3.Helps in preventing Cancer
An important study concludes that sulforaphane is one chemical that shows good action against cancer stem cells. A regular provision of sulforaphane  while chemotherapy is in process , helps fight cancer. This chemical is found in broccoli and its sprouts. Consuming broccoli juice is an ideal way to providing oneself with sulforaphane.
4.Promotes Heart Health
Broccoli juice also contains high levels of sulforaphane which is very beneficial for the body. Most of the arteries which are bent or have been branched lack a specific protein known as ‘Nrf2’. The lack of this protein causes arteries to get vulnerable to diseases. The chemical sulforaphane found in broccoli helps in regenerating the protein ‘Nrf2’, which repairs and strengthens the arteries. Healthy arteries directly indicate a healthy heart and a healthy blood circulation system.
5.Treatment of Gastric Ulcers
The sulforaphane found in broccoli works wonders against such ulcers according to new research worldwide. Consumption of raw broccoli not only prevents ulcers from occurring but can also fight them.
6.For Healthy eyes
Broccoli like other leafy green vegetables has powerful phytochemical antioxidants belong to the carotenoid family called lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which are present in large quantities in the human eye lens. Also presence of high amount of vitamin A in Broccoli makes it still unique.
7.Helps during pregnancy
Broccoli is very rich in folic acid which is very important especially during pregnancy to avoid from defects common in pregnant women. Broccoli protects us from common Colds. Owing to the presence of vitamin C broccoli is very helpful in dealing with common colds.
8.Constipation problem
Broccoli is full of soluble and insoluble fiber which is very important in constipation. Doctors will thus advice you to have Broccoli if you have Constipation.
9.Healthy Bones
A cup of broccoli juice a day goes a long way to provide calcium for strong bones building. Far better than cow’s milk that contains saturated fats and has no other healing virtues as broccoli does.
10.Improves Immunity
Although less than milk broccoli contains a large quantity of calcium along with beta carotene great beneficial for immunity system. Broccoli also contain small quantity of zinc and selenium which is again helpful for our defensive system.

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Unknown said...

I don't think so that having broccoli juice is a good idea. Actually its my personal choice as I can eat it as it is but can't have that as a juice. In place of that I would prefer having Noni fruit extract as I m very much taste conscious.

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