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Wheat substituions for Gluten Free Diet

What can be Wheat substitutions for Gluten-free Diet

We always eat wheat and believed that whole grain food is food for us.But it simple not true for everyone.Some individuals are allergen to wheat or other grains.People who have health issues like irritable bowl syndrome,autism,ADD,ADHD,chronic fatifue and other conditions may also need to avoid gluten.
Listed below are some flours that you can use and what they are best used for:

1.White Rice flour:

White rice flour is somewhat of a grainy ,bland flour that is milled from polished white rice.It works best in combination with other flours, such as potato, buckwheat or corn flour.It can be used in cakes,breads and cookies.It stores well.There are different textures of white rice flour.The most common texture is fine, but regular is also available in health food stores.

2.Brown Rice flour:

This is one of the good flour because it contains more nutrients.It is milled from unpolished brown rice.It has nutty taste.It can be used in muffins and cookies.It contains oil and has a shorter life span, so store in refrigerator.It is also great combined with flours like sorghum,millet and almond meal.

3.Bean flour:

Garbanzo bean and lentil flours can be used in making cookies.They can be added to rice flour as well.They offset the grainy texture of rice flour and give it a nice flavor.These flours make good thickners as well.They do not need refrigeration.

4.Buckwheat flour:

Buckwhet flour is a member of rhubarb family.It is not related to wheat.It is not even a grain.Its name is very confusing.It is rich in iron,vitamin B and calcium.It has stron grainy flavor.It is best used in waffles,pancakes,breads and noodles.

5.Quinoa flour:

Quinoa flour is high in protein,containing 20 amino acids,including the 10 "essential amino acids".It also contains vitamins A,C,D,B-1,B-2,E,folic acid,niacin,calciu,iron and phosphorus.It is used in cookies,pies,cakes and pasta.It has light pleasant taste and works well when combined with other flours.

6.Almond Meal flour:

almond meal flour is comprised of blanced almonds,muffins,cakes and other desserts.It is a great source of protein,rich in fiber,vitamin E and magnesium.It can also be used for breading.It should be stored in refrigerator.

7.Tapioca flour:

Tapioca flour can be referred as Tapioca starch.It can be mixed with other flours to provide chewy texture.Tapioca mixed with brown or white rice flour and potato flour makes wonderful flour.

8.Amaranth flour:

This flour has a strong taste.It is good used in breading,thickening sauces and baking.Mix 25% of amarnath flour with other flours, such as brown rice flour,quinoa flour or oat flour to make up 100%.It should be stored in refrigerator as it develops stronger taste as it ages.This flour is high in protein and fiber.It contains amino acids,high levels of lysine,vitamins C,B,calcium,potassium,iron,zinc and niacin.

9.Oat flour:

It is a nice flour and is good for cookies and muffins.It tends to brown, so use it with caution for sauces.It is too heavy to use for cakes, but does make nice cookies.It can be combined with other flours like white or brown rice flour.If you are allergic to oats,don't use this flour.

10.Potato flour:

Potato flour and potato starch are confusing.Potato flour is made from cooked potatoes.Potato starch is made from raw potato.This flour can be combined with rice flour.

11.Sorghum flour:

Sorghum is another gluten-free flour that is very easy to work with.It is one of the main food crops used in India and Africa.Sorghum flour is high in soluble-fiber, and tastes very similar to wheat.when baking with sorghum flour, you will need sornstarch to your recipes and also add in xanthan gum to bind it together.It is great in cookies,pie crusts,cakes,etc.

12.Soy flour:

It has very nutty flavour.It is high in fat and also in protein.It is yellow in clor and has a very distinct can be mixed with other flavors such as white rice flour.It tastes good in products containing nuts and fruits.Store in refrigerator.

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Sugar Alternative for Gluten-Free Diet

What can be sugar alternatives for Gluten-free Diet

Sugar,everyone's favourite, comes from cane,which is a form of grass related to wheat or from beet which is a tuber.People who have diabetes or problems with yeast conditions , such as candida, you will want to avoid all forms of sugar.
There can be more alternative to sugar and they taste delicious too, we will see what are they.

1.Fruit sweeteners:
Fruit sweeteners are made from a combination of fruit that has been pressed into juice,creating a concentrated juice that is then reduced for long time.Its consistency is slightly thinner than honey.The flavor is quiet good.You can find them in combinations too, like peach,pear and pineapple combination or apple,white and red grape and raspberry.
These fruit sweeteners can be found in refrigerator section of most natural food stores.You must keep them refrigerated, but use them at room temperature for best results.
When using fruit sweetner instead of sugar, always remember that you are going to cut the amount of sugar by up to half in all your recipes.If your recipe requires 1 cup sugar means you will need 1/2 cup sweetner and check for any after-taste.

Amazake is a whole grain product made of water,brown rice,koji.The mixture is fermented into a thick liquid.It is high in iron and vitamin B.Plain is best for baking, but it comes in other flavors.It can be found in natural food stores in either the freezer or refrigerator.It has texture similar to honey and can be used like concentrated fruit sweeteners.

3.Brown rice syrup:
Brown rice syrup is made from Brown rice ,water and 1% natural fungal enzymes.The product is made using entirely natural processing.This process converts the starches to natural sugar called maltoses.The liquid is cooled until it thickens.It is very easy to bake with.It can be used used in place of honey,molasses or other syrups in recipes.

4.Agave cactus Nectar:
It comes from the pineapple-shaped core of the Agave, a cactus-like plant native to Mexico.This sweetner is low on the glycemic index,has no after-taste, and 25% sweeter than sugar.It comes in 2 varieties.The dark version contains more minerals,calcium,iron,potassium and magnesium.The lighter version is filtered , and has a lighter taste.One teaspoon of the cactus nectar contains 16 calories,0 gm of fat,5 gm of carbohydrates,5 gm of sugar,5 gm of sodium and 0 gm of protein.Be sure to cut the amount of sweetner by 1/4 cup and reduce heat by 25 degrees.

5.Kiwi sweetner:
Another altenative to suagr,suitable for those with diabetes or hypoglycemia, is a kiwi sweetener.It is made from natural fruit glycosides,polysaccharides and ketohexose monosaccharides of the kiwi fruit.It contains 0 fat,0 calories and 0 carbohydrates.It is about 15% sweeter than sugar, and has no after-taste.

6.Honey,Molasses and Maple syrup:
If you want to use honey instead of sugar, you need to cut half amount beacause honey is twice sweet as sugar.Honey,maple syrup and molasses all change the liquid-to-dry proportions in a recipe.

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