Tuesday, 1 April 2014

5 Ayurvedic Remedies To Wash Your Hair

Ayurvedic Shampoo Alternatives

Washing hair with shampoo is very harmful for health of hair. We are addicted to use of shampoo and doesn't want to live without it. But just give it a try and see how you will love shampoo free life.
1.Take a handful each of dry reetha, shikakai and amla.Add to one liter of water and soak overnight. Stew the blend on a low fire till the water reduces to half. Allow it to cool and then strain through a clean cloth. Use this homemade hair cleanser to wash your hair. Store the rest in a fridge. It will last you four washes. Always prepare it in small batches since it doesn't contain any preservatives.



2.Soak a cup of broken moong dal overnight. Grind it in an electric blender with some water to make a smooth paste. Part your hair in sections and apply, so that the entire scalp is covered. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash your mane with plain water.


 3.This cleanser is great for those who have only oily hair and dandruff. Add a handful of fresh or dried marigold flowers to 3 cups of hot water. Allow it to stand for an hour. Strain and let it cool. Use it to rinse your hair.


 4.Add 4 teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee,2 raw eggs and some strained tea water to henna powder. Stir the mixture into a thick paste. Apply generously to hair strands and wash off after an hour. If you don't want to use eggs, increase the amount of tea water in the mix.
 5.Take used tea leaves and boil them in 5 to 6 cups of water. Strain and cool the liquid. Add the juice of one lemon and use it to wash your locks.

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Ayurveda is the best form of treatment in the world. It is unfortunate that the world knows so little about it. These remedies are just wonderful and so easy to follow.

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