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How to prevent dry eyes

What is dry eyes condition?

Dry eye is a condition where the eyes don't produce enough tears or the right quality of tears to be healthy or comfortable.

If you have dry eyes, you will often feel like you have an eyelash stuck in your eye. Your eyes may feel like burn, redden, and itch. Sometimes, your vision will also blur. Dry eyes become more noticeable as you age because your tear glands naturally stop producing as much fluid.

The Dry Eye Remedy: The Complete Guide to Restoring the Health and Beauty of Your Eyes

Dry eyes can happen any time. Your eyes feel tired. You rub them. You look at yourself in
the mirror and see lines, wrinkles, bags, redness that were never there
before. Dry eye often starts as a minor irritation but can develop into a deeper
problem affecting your vision and appearance.Dry eye is a real disease, with increasing prevalence and long-term effects if not treated properly

The Dry Eye Remedy is the first book to give dry eye sufferers simple and practical ways to restore eye health and appearance without surgery..

From causes and diagnosis to treatment options, this book is a great resource
not only for Sjögren's Syndrome patients but anyone suffering from dry eye.

It offers comprehensive and up-to-date info (as of the date of its publication)
about the latest in dry eyes.

It offers all-around practical advice to dry eye patients who may have otherwise
lost hope.

How to Prevent Dry Eyes?

There are simple 5 ways to treat and Prevent dry eyes.

1.Use of artificial Tears-
Using a preservative-free artificial tears drops up to three times a day for a mild case of dry eyes.These over-the-counter drops will cleanse your eyes and restore the right kind of tears.

2.Massage with flaxseed oil-
The eye's coating of tears contains oils that can help prevent dryness.Study reveals that the fats in flaxseed help replenish that layer.

3.Taking a blink break-
Blinking helps keep eyes moist, sometimes we just forget to do blinking eyes when we are using a computer screen or reading continuously.We should put alar or sticky note on computer to take a break and blink several times every 10 minutes.

4.Moisturize home's air-
Sometimes evaporation is partly responsible for dry eyes.Put on humidifier whenever the heat is on or place pans of water next to heaters in your home or office.

5.Warm your eyelids-
Use eye compress which increase circulation and unclog tear ducts.Run hot water over a washcloth and hold it to your closed eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes condition can not be cured copletely and soetimes it is recurring condition.So,it is always better to use home remedies and avoid using expensive treatments.

1.Avoid rubbing eyes ost of the times.

2.Always use sunglasses while going out in sunlight preferably UV protection.

3.Avoid alcohol and smoking.

4.Avoid too much salt in your diet, because salty foods can cause dry eyes.

5.Don't expose eyes in front of air conditioner,blow dryers or heaters.

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