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How To Wash Your Hair

Your hair should be a crowning glory.The way you wear your hair , its colour and condition all reflect a style, indicate an outlook and add up to a definitive statement about yourself.

You can not get the best from your hair if you do not have a healthy scalp.To have a healthy hair and scalp, the basic routine has some steps which we all suppose to do.

Step 1:Washing your Hair

Your hair is valuable natural fibre and to get it looking its best you should treat it with as much as care you would silk or wool.Fortunately,hair is very resilient.An average single hair can be stretched by 20 to 30 percent its notmal length- a force that would snap most textile fabrics.Wet hair needs less force to stretch it and is more vulnerable to damage.If your hair is in poor condition because of the neglect, or if it has been subjected to harsh treatment, all is not lost.With care and attention you should be able to restore its bounce and glossy sheen.

Your hair type is inherited , but learning to make the most of what you have can make a difference to the look, feel and texture of your crowning glory.There are plenty of myths surrounding the seemingly simple process of hair washing.
Does washing your hair everyday make it greasy?
Do you need to spend a fortune on shampoo?
Does a rinse of freezing water make your hair shine?
The answer to all is no, but there are a few hard and fast rules that will benefit both your hair and scalp.

Most hair products advise that two wash are essential; this simply is not true.Unless your hair is unusually dirty, normal hair reacts and cleans perfectly well with one good wash, using roughly a dollar-coin-sized amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand.Bear in mind, though, that if you live in a hard-water area , you may need more.It's good idea to rub your hands together to distribute the shampoo before applying it to your hair.That way, it is less likely that you will end up with one big lump on the top of your head that then has to be worked down through the hair.

Trichologists(Hair specialists) advise clients with thinning or troublesome hair to massage their scalp every time they shampoo, as this stimulates the scalp, increasing blood flow.Hair is made from protein keratin, and is fed by blood vessels at the roots, so increasing the flow gives hair a nutrient boost.A scalp massage is easily done by placing fingers spread apart over your head, and gently kneading the scalp for two minutes.

No matter what your hair type and no matter what shampoo you choose, the key to glossy ,clean locks is to rinse, rinse and rinse again.Even when you think that every last drop of shampoo is out, give yourself at least another couple of minutes under the shower to get rid of the very last remnants.Smooth your hair under the water flow over and over again ruffling it distrubs the hair shafts making it less likely to be sleek.


1.To avoid tangles while shampooing , run a wide-toothed comb through your dry hair.Remove any knots from the ends , then gradually work your way up toward the roots.Once you have rid the hair of tangles, brush it to help remove any dust, dirt and dead skin cells.Brushing also increases the blood circulation of the scalp, helping to rejuvinate hair, aid new growth and redistribute the natural oils.

2.Next,presoak your hair.Apply warm water and gently draw you fingers through the hair as the water flows through it.Tug gently at the hair near to the scalp to improve circulation.

3.Pour a little shampoo into the palm of one hand and rub your hands together.Smooth your hands over your head to apply the shampoo,moving your hands from the root of your hair down toward the ends.Carefully massage the scalp with your fingers for couple of minutes.Every few seconds , run your fingers through your hair from top to bottom to make sure there are no tangles.

4.The final, all-important stage is rinsing.This is vital for healthy,shiny hair.The reason many people have dull hair is that it is covered with a thin film of shampoo residue.Even if you -think your hair is sufficiently rinsed, do it just one more time.Finish with a final rinse of cold water to refresh and invigorate the scalp , then condition your hair.There is no need to shampoo more than once, unless there is a lot of dirt or sand in your hair.

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Jack said...

Your post is very helpful and convenient,it helped me so much,I have a lot of problems with my hair for a long time,like dandruff and hair falling.But now I will follow the steps that u have mentioned in the post.Thanks for sharing it with us

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