Monday, 24 September 2012

After Shampooing

Step 2: After Shampooing

Shampooing causes the hair cuticles to interlock and can lead to tangles.Conditioning the hair smooths these cells, so that you can comb your hair more easily.A conditioner also gives the hair extra shine.You should always apply conditioner after swimming,because chlorine dries out the hair.

Regardless of type, most hair benefits from a conditioning rinse, leaving hair shafts smoothed and flat.Not only does this mean that combing and brushing are easier, but styling is more manageable too.There are many different sorts of conditioners available, with different degrees of effectiveness, but they all act to coat the hair for a sleeker result.A cost effective way to choose what is right for your hair is to buy trail sizes,available at drug stores or to seek hair expert advice from your hair dresser.

One of the reasons that hair always feels so wonderful after a trip to the hairdresser is that they are adept at geting rid of any excess product buildup.So once again rinsing is the key.Conditioners by their very nature, are more time consuming to get out than shampoos , so pay careful attention to ensuring you have rinsed enough.Many people make the mistake of not rinsing their hair thoroughly after conditioning .However, it is essential to remove all traces of conditioner if your hair is to remain healthy,shiny and full of body.

The active ingredients used in commercial products are known as "cationic surfactants"-chemicals that are attracted to dry and damaged hair.However, they do little more than temporarily coat the hair.Conditioners made from natural ingredients tend to be more compatible with the composition of the hair, leaving it smoother and more manageable.

1.Pour small amount of conditioner into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together.Run your hands over your hair,starting about 3-4 inches down from your scalp and working right to the ends.Never rub conditioner into your scalp or apply it to the hair near the scalp,since it could become greasy.

2.If you have long hair that is dry and damaged at the ends, apply a little extra conditioner to this area.Leave the conditioner on your hair for the length of time recommended on the bottle by manufacturer;most commercially produced conditioner work virtually instantaneously.

3.Rinse,rinse and rinse again, leaving a residue of conditioner on the hair will make it dull.Finish with a cold-water rinse.

4.Wrap your hair in a thick cotton towel and press against the hair with your hands to absorb the excess moisture.use wide-toothed comb or your fingers to remove any tangles, starting at the ends of the hair.

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