Thursday, 29 November 2012

How to curl your hair

Follow these steps to get curly hair look :

1.Wash your hair and condition your hair.
2.Towel dry and comb hair out.
3.If you hair is so straight to hold the curls, then first apply volumizing spray and massage it in.If your hair is dry or curly, then apply straightening balm to tone down your curls.
4.Blow dry your hair.
5.Separate hair into sections as shown into video.
6.To curl hair, use curling iron , minimum 1.5 inches.
7.Do texturizing spray on hair, take 1 -inch of hair portion around the curling rod.Release the curl after 10-15 seconds.
8.Spray holding spray on hair and roll the curl and pin it near scalp to hold that curl for some time.
9.Repeat the same procedure for all sections of hair.Some curls become more tight and some curls are loose.
8.Set with hair spray.
9.You can separate curls with your fingers.Don't use brush on curls.
10.The waves look best on layer cut.

For details, you can check thi video ;-)

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1 click dissertation review said...

I have straight and silky hair and a plenty of sprays and mousse it takes to hold the curls in my hair. Whenever I get a chance to have curls, I have to keep my neck stiff in order to maintain them.

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