Monday, 17 September 2012

Skin Type

Identifying your skin type is crucial to choose the products that will give you the maximum benefits and results.

There are 5 steps to know which skin type you possess

1.Wash your face -Wash your face with cleanser and dry with towel or tissue.This will clean away the makeup or oil or dirt lying on your face.

2.Wait an hour -During this time, skin will return to its natural state .Don't touch your skin again and again during this time.

3.Dab your face with tissue -Pay more attention to 'T-zone' -forehead and nose of your face.

4.Determine the skin type:

Normal Skin-This is neither too oily nor too dry and rarely gets blemish flare-ups.Pores are usually small and fine, and the texture of the skin is firm and supple.

Oily Skin-This type of skin tends to be shiny,particularly around the nose and chin areas where excess oil is often secreted.Blackheads and large pores are part of the oily skin condition.This type of skin is more common during hormonal changes such as puberty.

Dry Skin-This is the type of skin that is most prone to aging due to the lack of natural oils.Skin feels rough or tight and there may be patches of obvious dry skin.Dry skin is generally not prone to breakouts.

Combination Skin-This type of skin is characterised by oiliness down the nose and across the forehead and chin.Occassionally , oiliness occurs at the hairline.Other skin areas are normal or slightly dry.

Sensitive skin-Sensitive skin reacts to weather conditions, can feature redness and broken capillaries and often suffers irritated reactions to beauty products and makeup.

Problem skin-It is invariably caused by acne-flare-ups of pimples, pus-filled sore spots and blackheads that don't easily heal.These can cause facial scarring.It is often over oily.

5.Know what problems your skin have and choose skin products according to skin type.It will lead less problems for your skin.

Have a Healthy Skin!!!!

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